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Our focus is on being the best contract manufacturing business for our customers, producing high quality beverages at great prices.

We measure our success through feedback from our customers both directly and via independent external survey companies.

Low cost and high service are our core competencies, underlined by our investment in increased operational capability and flexibility and engaged people. We are committed to ensuring the long term sustainability of our business by investing in the needs of an evolving customer base and broadening our business into new product categories and trade channels.

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Consumers, their behaviour and their requirements shape our overall strategy. 

We receive global flavour, behaviour and lifestyle trends on a regular basis from both Cott colleagues in other geographies and from our extensive supplier base. In addition we also purchase robust consumer data and conduct regular consumer research programme’s where we actively talk to consumers about innovation and trends as well as carrying out product tastings. It is then the role of our dedicated Category Management team to interpret and understand the category dynamics across all segments of the market.

Cott have both the internal resources and capability, supported by our strong supply base partnerships, to drive market leading processes together with packaging, raw material and product innovation.

We have pilot plant facilities to replicate the majority of our manufacturing processes to allow for small scale production for market research, shelf life testing as well as basic product research. We also have an established process for delivering innovation days covering both product and packaging consumer insight led innovation and a proven track record of product innovation and successful product launches.